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About Heritage Acres Seed & Grain

Message from the President

Thank you for your interest in Heritage Acres Seed and Grain's Quality Pigeon Mixes.

At Heritage Acres Seed & Grain we understand how important it is for your pigeons to receive proper nutrition - nutrition that can only be obtained through the provision of high quality feed. That's why we've developed our full line of Quality Pigeon Mixes.

Our mixes are made with a strong commitment to quality, consistency and cleanliness. The grains and seeds in each feed are sized and triple-cleaned to ensure the highest quality possible.

Pigeons require different minerals and nutrients at different stages, we have developed a full line of products to meet these needs. We also offer a line of "Nature's Nutrition" products, designed to further increase the health and vitality of your birds.

Please read through this brochure to learn more about our feeds. Each product listed is accompanied by a complete breakdown of the trace minerals and nutrients in the feed as well as the individual strengths of each product.

If you have any questions at all about our Quality Pigeon Mixes or any Heritage Acres Seed and Grain product, please give us a call at 1-800-775-8637 or e-mail info@heritageacres.on.ca. We always look forward to hearing from our valued customers.


Trevor Batte, President


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