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Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Feeding Program

As the interest in feeding wild birds continues to grow, the objective of Heritage Acres Seed and Grain has changed to enhance the pleasure you derive from being able to attract specific species as well as ensuring a balanced diet to meet the demands of the four seasons.

To achieve the preferred blends we have consulted with the National Wildlife Federation who have approved our formulas as being nutritionally preferred. Feeding wild birds through the winter, spring, summer and fall; with a well-balanced blend of seeds ensures good health and reproduction and your continued enjoyment. The ability to select specific types of birds is also important and will allow you to enjoy and study the habits and attitudes of the species that our blend will draw.

We at HERITAGE ACRES value you as a customer and will continue to work with you and our suppliers to maintain the best possible quality and pricing available.

We appreciate your comments and ideas.

Thank You

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