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an actor release form is the legal agreement between you and the actor it transfers to you the rights to use any performance that was made in conjunction with your film without a signed actor release form you do not have the right to use an actor’s image voice or performance and you can’t sell or distribute your film without those rights. this sample actor release form is drafted in a very formal manner with the name of the producer or production house on the top left hand corner the form is addressed to no one in particular and uses the to whom it may concern salutation in the beginning. download a free film actor release form template so you can secure the right to distribute and exhibit your film includes actor release form for minors. standard release form for an actor indicating that the actor gives production pany the rights to use his her image likeness etc. the actor release form is designed for a student over the age of 18 years to grant full permission to a named maker to use all aspects of the filming and recording of an actor including but not limited to photography filming audio recordings of the actor’s voice performances actions plays poses appearances and use the actor’s picture photograph silhouette and other reproductions of their physical likeness only in connection with a student motion picture. 2 actor release form free download free printable actor release form samples in pdf word and excel formats. view and print actor release pdf template or form online 13 actor release form templates are collected for any of your needs. directory of film and video production contracts select contracts category. the process you have to be subjected to to a singer a band a movie star or even an athlete is if truth be told quite tedious but the release forms do not. protect your production and yourself with this free talent release form courtesy of a talent release form gives you the right to distribute a film with an actor. .

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